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Pakistan high pressure hose whip checks provider

Hose Whip Check - SJP - High pressure & drain cleaning

When a high pressure hose is joined to a piece of equipment, the whip check should be used to restrain the movement of the pressurized hose should it become uncoupled, thereby allowing operators to get away and perform a safe, orderly system shut-down. Larger and longer version is also widely used with vacuum hoses. Dimensions : ø 3 x 530 mm

Whip Check - Hose Clips & Accessories - Airlines Pneumatics

Whip check (also known as King Cable hose restraint). Designed as a safety device to prevent hose whip in the event of two hoses becoming uncoupled while under pressure. Available in standard, anti spark and 316 stainless steel versions, with hose to hose or hose to tool end styles, The anti spark version is fitted with a copper ferrule (main

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Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics Inc. has the Air Hose Accessories for your business needs. We are a solutions provider of industrial hose, rubber, and hydraulics for a wide variety of industrial markets. Browse our online alog. Feel free to contact us with any customizations that you may need at [email protected]

Whipcheck safety cable - Fuzhou Hengsheng Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Apr 30, 2015· Whipcheck safety cable. To prevent serious injury due to hose or coupling failure, add a Whip Check at each hose connection and from equipment to hose. Install in the fully extended position (no slack) for proper safety assurance. Material: Stainless steel, Steel. 1.

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hose failure (The real danger in these cases is high pressure oil being injected into a worker''s skin or eyes. A suitable safety device for these appliions is a solid guard between operators and connections). Whip checks are designed with a 5 to 1 safety margin at 200 PSI (meaning they have been tested at 1000 PSI). At 300 PSI that margin drops to 3 to 1. Manufacturers of whip …

Air Hose Restraints — DrillSafe

Jan 22, 2018· The whipping motion of a failed high-pressure air hose can be extremely violent and can result in serious injury, property damage or death. It has been common practice in the industry to fit a cable or sling type ‘whip-check’ to air hoses on rotary percussion and dual-tube reverse circulation drill rigs.

Hose Whip Restraint - Parker Hannifin

The Hose Whip Restraint System has been tested to the operating pressures of the hoses listed in Hose Products Division alog 4400, and referenced in this bulletin. The Hose Whip Restraint is not designed to increase the hose rated pressure or to add incremental pressure rating to the hose / fitting coination.

Hose Whipchecks | RS Components

When installing hose whipchecks, they should be fully extended with no slack. For a firm grip, whip arrestors can be used and spring-loaded loops can be adjusted over the hose couplings. Standard whipchecks are available to suit most sizes of hose diameter. They can be used to protect hose-to-hose or hose-to-compressor couplings.

Whip Stops – American Iron Works-Hose Safety

Whip Stops. The Whip Stop has a specially designed braided cable which allows the cable to tighten down on the hose during a failure. Unlike the Whip Check or the steel Hobble Clamp, the Whip Stop will continue tightening down. The double leg anchoring points prevent the hose from whipping side to side making the Whip Stop very desirable where

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High Pressure Tube Fittings. Brass Compression Dual Lok Fittings. Flareless Tube Compression Fittings - Imperial Sizes Hydraulic Crimp Couplings For Pressure Washer Hose. Hydraulic Crimp, Swage Couplings For SS Braided PTFE R14. Check, Safety, and Shut Off Valves. Brass Check Valves, Inline Plunger Valves.

Pressure Washer Whip / Connector Hose | Toolbarn

Pressure Washer Whip / Connector Hose. Jumper/connector hoses are mostly used in the pressure washing to connect the pressure washer to a hose reel, or other accessories. Used in car wash bays to connect the wall or ceiling boom to the supply line pluing. Many lengths available and in stock to ship right away.

WHIP CHECKS - High Pressure Water Jetting | Hydroblast

Hydroblast’s Hose Whip Restraint System is designed to prevent whipping of a pressurized hose in the event of the hose separating from its fitting WHIP CHECKS For use with: Water jetting Hoses Hydraulic Hoses Compressed Air Hoses 01677 424 542 [email protected] Restraining hoses. Safely.

Cable Hose Restraint | WhipChecks | RAAHSafety

The Cable Restraint will work on hoses ranging in size from 1/2” I.D to 4” I.D. and only should be used on hoses with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. Cable Hose Restraints / Whip Check. Raah Safety Singapore - Cable Hose Restraints also known as Whip Checks are stocked in Raah Safety Indonesia as well.

RN® Safety Whip Check Cable Supplier in Dubai | Centre

RN® Safety Whip Check Cables are available in two cable diameters and a nuer of different configurations. Whipcheck offer additional safety for compressor hoses in enclosed or critical environments. Easy to use, low cost, safety cables to help prevent injury if a hose connection separates. They can attach hose to hose or hose to equipment.

Fatalities and injuries as a result of high pressure hose whip

The loops slip over the ends of your hose. Whip checks with spring-loaded loop end and choker end are for hose-to-tool use. The loop goes over the hose end, and the choker goes on your tool. Cable . For Hose ID: Dia. Lg. Material: For Max. Pressure, psi: Specifiions Met : Each: Spring-Loaded Loop × Spring-Loaded Loop Ends. 1/2" - 1 1/4 " 1

Whip Checks (Air hose safety cables) - VESI

Maximum working pressure: 200 psi for air Whip check hose to valve connection Whip check hose to equipment connection using rated connector e.g. D shackle . Air hose safety Personal Protective Equipment • Fit-for-purpose PPE, as prescribed in the risk assessment and SWMS, shall be available and:

PIRTEK Whip Checks System - PIRTEK USA

Whip Checks comprise of two components. First, is the hose safety clamp, the second is a safety cable that connects to the equipment using a high tensile steel bolt. There are two different ways secure the cables to the equipment. The first is by using a bolt which is fitted to a Code 61 or a Code 62 flange.

Qty 10 Nylon Whip Check For High Pressure Hose 24” long | eBay

Qty 10 High pressure nylon whip check for high pressure hoses Made is USA Double nylon hose lanyard whip check For high pressure small I.d hose restraint 5,000 psi and up to 15,000 psi ( depending on hose size they are used on fits 1/4 hose up to 1” hose 24” length Color green Made in USA

Brand safetyrig

HOSE WHIP RESTRAINTS (suitable for up to 40K) – Advanced

A whip check can be attached at any point where two hoses are joined, to a pump''s fluid end at the discharge side, or where a hose attaches to a Phone: (281) 290-9950 | Toll Free: (877) 290-4277 | Fax: (281) 290-9952 Login / Register

Chicago Coupling — Hose Safety Whip Check Products

Hose Safety Whip Check - the original air hose restraint. Hose Whipchecks are the standard in compressed air hose appliions. Designed for 200 PSI air service with a 5X safety ratio. Offered in 4 different size ranges, for hose-to-hose, and hose-to-tool connections. Hose Whip Check Info.

DERC Hose Whip Checks - DERC Salotech

The Hose Whip Checks are required as safety measure to avoid injury in case of hose or coupling failure. The Hose Whip Check is an advanced and innovative version. Improved, safer and stronger designed for the (high) pressure hydraulic and water jetting market. Features. Steel internal wire covered with Kevlar and Polyester; Loop design, it pulls tighter and tighter; …

Hose Checks. Jetstream | Waterblast Parts, Accessories

Jetstream manufactures industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories utilized up to pressures of 40,000 psi. Toll Free: 1-800 …

Whipchecks only

The whip check is a safety device for restraining hose asselies which are joined by means of adaptors or couplings. They prevent uncontrolled whip lashing and possible injury should the connection fail. Material: 1/8” multi-strand flexible galvanised wire. JLS Part No.


Oct 25, 2016· In your COMPANY as per written approved procedures endorse by your bosses,Typically, Whip checks are designed for use on air hoses at pressures of 200 PSI or less. Hydraulic oil is non

Safety Whip Checks - Hose Safety Cables | NLB Corporation

Greater strength, durability and protection. Specifically designed for waterblasting appliions, NLB’s new SureWhip™ (PM50184) whip check brings strength and durability to a new level. With a tensile strength of 11,500 lbs, the SureWhip has been proven to withstand 8,824 lbs. of force. Unlike metal whip checks that break with high force, the SureWhip absorbs it.


The whipping of high pressure hoses can cause devastating injury or death to anyone near the equipment. The installation of a Pir-Chek is a lifesaving measure which can be the difference between tragedy and a small incident. Ultimately, the Whip Check System is there to protect the lives of all who are in contact with the equipment.

Whip Checks - Meridian Eng

Standards and regulations for hose restraints I n our ye a r s of e xpe r i e nc e , t he pr oduc t s t ha t a r e m os t of t e n or de r e d w i t h urge nt de l i ve r y a r e hos e s af e t y w hi p c he c k s and ny l on hos e w hi p re s t r ai nt s . I t i s no w onde r ba s e d on how m a ny a ge nc i e s a nd orga ni z a t i ons r e

Whipcheck Safety Cables | Hose arrestor safety cable

Whipchecks are hose arrestors made of corrosion resistant, high strength – steel, aluminum, copper or stainless steel which on installation diverts strain from the coupling to the whip check. Installation of whipcheck is easy and requires no tools- the spring loaded loops of the whipcheck are opened and slipped over each hose providing a firm

WhipChek® Air Hose Restraint Official Site

A Positive Safeguard - for Air Hose Connections. We are exclusive manufacturer of the proven Whipchek ® air hose restraint. This is a safety device designed to prevent accidents or injury from hose "whipping" during coupling or. hose failure. We invented, patented, and trademarked this product in the early 70''s and it has seen widespread use

WHIPCHECK FOR HOSE RANGE 1/2 (13mm) - 1 1/4 (32mm) OD

When this happens under compressed air or any other high pressure operation, the hose will whip under the sudden release of energy with the probable result of serious injury to those in the vicinity. The strong galvanised steel cable prevents hose whip with easily fitted spring loaded loops which grip the hose firmly. This 540mm Whipcheck is